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  • Mister Maka – Psilocybe Double Vision 15G – STRONG – 1 PERS/15G


    Double Vision Magic Truffles combine the unique properties of our High Chief and White Thunder products. Consequently, if you are new to the word of psychedelics, trips and Psilocybe, these gems may not be suited
    nPsilocybe Double Vision taste and smell wonderful, so they are easy to ingest. They take very little time to be absorbed into your bloodstream, (no more than an hour, but can continue affecting you with enhanced visuals, creative and whacky thinking, and intense relaxation for between four and six hours. As with White Chief, a 15 gram dose is often sufficient for two portions due to these truffles’ intensity.
    nThis is a trip, an experiential journey, ideally suited to sharing alongside friends: buy Double Vision Magic Truffles for a unique and profound sense of relaxation, medicinal anti-stress benefits, and a pleasant enhancing of every one of your senses and sensitivity. Every truffle has been carefully grown and selected, and as with all our products, they have been packaged to retain their natural purity.
    nGiven that Double Vission magic truffles combine the properties of our two most potent products, they are not recommended for those who are new to mushrooms and psychedelics. After effects can once more include thirst, fatigue and potential headaches, so as with most of our other truffles, it is suggested that you remain in a safe location close to food, water and a comfortable bed.

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