Spliff Seeds – Amnesiac Automatic

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Amnesiac Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

A fast flowering sativa dominant hybrid. Perfect Amnesiac strain for beginners. Incredible citrus and orange terps, and energetic effect.

We created Amnesiac Automatic by crossing our best phenotype of the extremely robust, sativa dominant massive yielding and super-tasty Amnesiac, with our stud autoflowering strain. The result is a rapid-flowering cultivar that can be grown multiple times per year and produces uniform and homogenous plants, ideal for beginner growers.

She will grow to a medium height and will produce chunky, elongated buds that will grow from the top to bottom of all branches. The buds will be pointy and characteristic of a sativa, with exceptional resin production. Yields of 350-400gr/m2 can be expected, however we recommended performing L.S.T to increase yields further.

Thanks to her high THC levels, her effects are uplifting, energetic, and euphoric, that will really bring out the creative side in you. A great strain to kick start the day and well suited for daytime use, and staying well focused and motivated. Amnesiac Automatic may be useful for increasing energy levels, motivation, nausea, and sickness, and for lack of appetite.

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Spliff Seeds – Amnesiac Automatic

From 7,95