Spliff Seeds – Crystal White

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Crystal White Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. Super Skunk x White Widow. Fruity, floral aroma with a fruity sweet pineapple flavor. Resistant to high EC. Absolute resin monster. Big yielder.

Created in Holland the Crystal White contains Super Skunk and White Widow genetics. Crystal White is one of our best producing strains with a great resin production. She can withstand high EC levels in both the vegetative and flowering stages.

She grows very vigorously during the vegetative period creating one internode after the other. Two weeks into flowering she will start to create buds at an impressive rate. She gives a very big yield outdoors. She will form one giant main cola and some impressive side buds. The buds are compact, resinous and sweet smelling.

Best to leave some space between individual plants, because of her bushy structure and branches that tend to stretch outwards. She can be super cropped. Harvest time is 9-10 weeks, but to achieve massive crystal production you can leave her up to 11 weeks. The smoke has a fruity, sweet, pineapple taste and gives a long-lasting, euphoric effect. She has a good level of THC. Medicinal value: pain release, nausea, sleep and stress disorders and appetite stimulation.

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Spliff Seeds – Crystal White

From 8,95