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Jack F1 Regular Cannabis Seeds

Sativa dominant. Skunk #1 x NL x Mexican Haze. Sativa with an indica appearance. Huge resin production. Massive budding beast. Extremely subtle aroma, suitable for stealth grows. Sweet, spicy flavor.

Jack F1 is our cross between Northern Lights, a Skunk F1 and a Mexican Haze. We needed several generations of thorough backcrossing to her original parents to stabilize the strain, allowing further generations to give virtually identical offspring. The final result is our Jack F1: a crystal-covered sativa dominant plant with extremely high THC levels.

Jack F1 has an Indica appearance and flowering period, but she is definitely a Sativa. Despite its potency this strain produces very little odour while growing.

Stick to advised nutrients and don?t overfeed, especially during the vegetative period. We advise a shorter veg period if space is an issue.?She is a strong grower, be sure to keep her under control.?Preferably grown in soil or coco with plenty of space. Bud structure is clearly influenced by her Mexican Haze roots, chunky, large and compact.

Jack F1 has a sweet, spicy smell with a hint of cinnamon. The taste is sweet and spicy with a touch of haze. A long-lasting cerebral high and body buzz. Classic Sativa high. Highly medicinal strain that can be used to combat stress, depression, muscle-/joint- and neuropathic pain.

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Spliff Seeds – Jack F1

From 8,95