Spliff Seeds – White Widow Automatic

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White Widow Automatic Female Cannabis Seeds

Hybrid. (Brazilian Sativa x South Indian) x NL Special x Afghan Lowryder. Fast, robust and very frosty. Earthy, hash-like aroma and taste.

By crossbreeding our original White Widow with NL Special and Afghan Lowryder, we created White Widow Automatic. This autoflowering variety has a short life cycle and provides above average yields that are covered in frost. Its NL Special heritage also ensures that this strain is well prepared for growing outdoors in colder climates.

As with our other autoflowering strains White Widow Automatic is short and bushy and grows one main cola with a couple of side branches. From about half way through flowering she will be covered in frost, making sure that even the smaller buds are potent. This strain can go from seed to harvest in 9 weeks, but will usually take around 11. Outdoors White Widow Auto can reach a height of around 150 cm and yield up to 85 grams per plant. Optimal indoor yields were obtained under a 18/6 light cycle.

She has an earthy, hash-like incense aroma and taste. This hybrid variety has a strong indica effect and provides a potent, couch-locking body stone. Medicinally, White Widow Automatic is highly effective against stress and depression and chronic pain.

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Spliff Seeds – White Widow Automatic

From 7,95