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  • Mister Maka – CBD Anti-Aging Cream


    Allow your life’s accomplishments and challenges radiate by your conduct, and not your skin. Mister Maka CBD Anti-Aging Cream is infused with various compounds and elements that are beneficial to your skin, including vitamins A and C, CBD, hyaluronic acid, as well as shea butter. Mister Maka CBD Anti-Aging Cream soothes you, assists you prevent the development of thin linings and wrinkles on your skin. Therefore, with the help of our CBD Anti-Aging Cream, age would become a puzzle that your skin will never disclose.

  • Mister Maka – CBD Day Cream


    With Mister Maka CBD Day Cream, you can be guaranteed of beginning your day with a sparkling appearing skin, all credited to the preventative features of our CBD Day Cream. Professionally infused, the special combination of several compounds such as vitamin C, shea butter, vitamin E, as well as calendula oil nurtures your skin.

  • Mister Maka – CBD Eye Gel Roller


    Allow your eyes to indicate the excitement in your life with Mister Maka CBD Eye gel roller. With our CBD Eye Gel Roller, you can now rely on the power of cannabidiol or CBD, the soothing sensation of panthenol, as well as the hydrating properties of shea butter and hyaluronic acid, to assist your bottom-eye layer to look firmer. The CBD Eye gel roller on our webshop will help you develop young-looking, lively eyes that show your achievements.

  • Mister Maka – CBD Face Serum


    With the CBD Face Serum from Mister Maka, you are guaranteed of experiencing firmer-appearing skin tone. By combining top-grade cannabidiol (CBD), hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, aloe vera, and vitamin E, you can now rise up in the morning to skin that feels rejuvenated, preserved, as well as hydrated – each day! Provide your skin with the shining brightness it so deserves with our professionally formulated CBD Face Serum.

  • Mister Maka – CBD Foot Cream


    You cannot avoid or escape the tiredness, the pulsating feeling you get after completing long hours of the day while on your feet. Mister Maka CBD Foot Cream has been professionally designed to soothe your exhausted feet whereas at the same time hydrating and offering protection to your skin.

  • Mister Maka – CBD Lip Balm


    Do you want to feel great from the exterior? If so, Mister Maka CBD Lipbalm can do the magic for you. Our nurturing cannabidiol (CBD), as well as the mango seed butter, guarantees that your lips are completely moisturized. Our CBD Lipbalm moisturizes, softens, as well as enhances the flexibility of your lips – thus letting the best part of you glow throughout your day every day in your life.

  • Mister Maka – CBD Night Cream


    Begin every morning with a young-looking, elegant, and firmer-appearing skin, all thanks to Mister Maka CBD Night Cream. Combining the power of cannabidiol or CBD, as well as the basic ingredients including shea butter, pentavitin, argan oil, and vitamin A, your facial skin will feel profoundly moisturized, nurtured for, and preserved. In order for you to maintain a skin that appears as well as feels re-energized, start every day through making the most out of your previous night. Visit our webshop and buy your CBD Night Cream today and begin the journey of creating smooth and beautiful skin.

  • Mister Maka – Mister Maka 10% CBD Oil


    As with all other Mister Maka CBD oils, only all-natural methods and ingredients are used in order to produce some of the finest oils on the market. As the 10% CBD oil is mixed with the intensity of the hemp oil, the dosage is at the high end of the spectrum. As such, the 10% CBD oil is ideal for those who are experienced CBD oil users or those looking to treat a more severe condition that requires a higher concentration and dosage. It is highly potent in this form and therefore extremely effective.

    Like the 4 % CBD oil , the 10% CBD oil is also part of the Mister Maka olive oil range of CBD oils. It combines this with only the most natural hemp oil extraction to create a careful balance that delivers a high potent punch of CBD. Suitable for regular use, this concentration of CBD oil is high in strength and is free from preservatives and chemicals. This means it is best stored in a cool, dark place or kept for freshness in the refrigerator. As there is no THC present in the product, there is no risk of any psychoactive effect. This makes these CBD oil drops perfect to take at any time of the day without running the risk of disrupting your daily routine.

    The 10% CBD oil is also chemical and additive-free, making it one of the purest forms of CBD available for purchase today. It is recommended to administer this product at the dosage is 3 to 4 drops, up to three times a day.

  • Mister Maka – Mister Maka 20% CBD Hemp Oil


    Using filtered extracts, this CBD oil is rich and golden, the result of an expert supercritical CO2 process. It is free from all GMOS, chemicals and additives. An authentic experience of hemp and CBD combined, the 20% CBD Hemp oil is great for those who are frequent CBD oil customers and are looking to increase the concentration of their dosage for added benefits. This supplement gives an added health kick to anyone looking to experience the lifestyle improvements CBD oil has to offer. Combined with all the health benefits of hemp, this hemp seed CBD oil provides plant-free proteins, omegas 3 and 6 alongside antioxidants and amino acids. These health benefits can be very effective, even in small doses.
    Shake before use, then use the dropper to administer the recommended dose under the tongue. Hold in the mouth for up to sixty seconds and then swallow.
    Buy CBD Oil now at mistermaka.com

  • Mister Maka – Mister Maka 5% CBD Hemp Oil


    The 5% CBD Hemp oil is not too strong and delivers a mid-strength dose. This makes it an ideal addition to any supplement routine for both experienced CBD oil users and newcomers. Delivering all the powerful benefits of CBD oil with all the rich nutrients of hemp, this super star oil is the perfect balance to boost your day. Complimentary to all lifestyles, the many benefits of 5% CBD Hemp oil include antioxidants, omegas 3 and 6 alongside amino acids and plant-based proteins.

    As with all Mister Maka CBD oils, all products are made without preservatives or chemicals, so you can be reassured that all products are natural and made with the purest ingredients. All full spectrum CBD oils from Mister Maka are completely laboratory tested and do not come with any of the side effects associated with using THC, which is the psychoactive causing ingredient. This makes them ideal to take at any time of the day and won’t interfere with any of your usual everyday activities.

    This product is available in 20% CBD Hemp Seed oil, making it even easier to find the right dose and strength that matches your needs and lifestyle. It is recommended to shake the bottle before use and place the dropper under the tongue. Dispense the dosage as suggested on the bottle and hold in the mouth for a minute before swallowing.

  • Mister Maka – Mister Maka Power Sleep


    In modern life, there can be many reasons why sleep cycles become disrupted. Stress, diet and too much blue light from screens can interrupt the body’s melatonin levels. As CBD oil alone is a great pain reliever and helps lessen the feelings of anxiety, it naturally makes a fantastic choice for a more calming bedtime routine. CBD oil in small doses can have a recharging effect, giving you an energy boost. So for the best sleep results, so it is important to take it in the correct dosage. The Power Sleep is a mix of the right amount of CBD, Melatonin, and valerian what makes it an excellent alternative to traditional sleeping aids to treat insomnia and gain powerful sleep.

    The Power Sleep liquid can also help your body stay asleep for longer. This means that the CBD is able to reach the body’s cells at the highest concentration possible, to ensure sustained benefits. The Power Sleep liquid is easy to dispense thanks to the dropper bottle applicator.

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