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  • CBD + SPORT – CBD Multivitamin, 60 capsules


    A dietary supplement with the benefits of CBD:


    Combine the benefits of a multi vitamin formula and CBD in one pill! These multi vitamins are perfect for giving you the essential vitamins and minerals you need to feel healthy and strong. They are a great supplement for a healthy diet and your fitness regime, at the same time, you enjoy all the benefits of CBD oil.

    You get a daily dosage of CBD with CBD Multi Vitamin pills. This will help accelerate and improve recovery between workouts. CBD also helps to promote muscle gain, increases stamina, prevents inflammation and soothes pain. You can work out longer and harder, helping you achieve your fitness goals. Plus, cannabinoid helps you relax and sleep better while reducing anxiety and stress. This gives you the greater focus you need when staying active at the gym as well as while working and getting through your day.

    At the same time, daily multi vitamins from CBD+SPORT help keep your body functioning at full capacity. You receive essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to perform, including iron and folic acid and you also get a boost of vital vitamins like B12, B6, C, E, K, A and much more. By providing essential vitamins and minerals for your body, multi vitamins increase energy levels to enhance performance. They also help to maintain muscle strength while improving your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

    As a supplement for your fitness and diet regimes, CBD Multi Vitamin capsules are a great choice for anyone taking a combination of vitamins and CBD products. If you are looking to get the benefits of both in one daily dose, this product is perfect for you!


    Using our CBD Multi Vitamin pills:


    Take one multi vitamin capsule each day. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Taking additional pills will not lead to improved results or benefits.


    More about our CBD Multi Vitamin pills:


    CBD and multi vitamins share many of the same benefits, from reduced anxiety and stress to support for building muscle. It is little wonder that both are essential for achieving your fitness goals. Each CBD Multi Vitamin pill contains 10 mg of CBD. It also includes, at a minimum, the daily recommended dose for Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 as well as folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid, iron and iodine.

    Before taking any supplements and if you are on any other medication, you should speak to your healthcare provider. While designed as a dietary supplement, this product is not indented as a food supplement. Do not exceed the recommend use since this will not improve results. CBD Multi Vitamin capsules from CBD+SPORT should only be used if you are over the age of 18. It should not be taken by women who are pregnant or breast feeding. Keep this product in a cool and dry place.
    There is no THC content in our CBD Multi Vitamin. CBD is carefully extracted from natural hemp to create these professionally formulated multi vitamins. As a result, you will not get high when taking this product. You can also use this product with confidence knowing that there are no known side effects from using CBD.

  • CBD + SPORT – CBD Pre Work-Out, 400g


    Make gains with CBD Pre-workout Cherry:


    CBD Pre-workout Cherry from CBD+SPORT is a great companion for your pre-workout routine. CBD helps stimulate your body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in maintaining balance or homeostasis. This includes benefits for a range of processes in your body, from your mood and sleep to your appetite and metabolism. With improved harmony and balance in your body, your workout can become more effective. You will have more energy and stamina when you hit the gym, the field or the track.

    With CBD Pre-workout Cherry, you will see better results thanks to CBD’s role in accelerating and improving recovery. It also helps promote muscle gain by giving you more stamina. CBD oil also reduces stress and anxiety, allowing you to focus more on achieving your health and fitness goals. As a vasorelaxant, cannabidiol helps ease tension in your veins and arteries. This allows blood to flow more freely, giving you a boost while at the gym or on your morning run. At the same time, CBD helps to reduce blood pressure, helping you extend your session without feeling as tired. Cannabidiol soothes soreness so you feel better after your activity, taking it before your workout is ideal.

    Taking CBD Pre-workout Cherry ensures you get all the benefits of cannabidiol before a game or your gym routine and you also speed up your post-workout recovery time. Power your fitness routine with a pre-workout boost with CBD+SPORT.


    Using our CBD Pre-workout Cherry:


    Each serving of CBD Pre-workout Cherry contains 15 mg of CBD. With a delicious cherry flavour, this product creates tasty shakes that you can drink anywhere. Start your morning off with a shake before you head to the gym or enjoy it on the way to the gym.


    More about our CBD Pre-workout Cherry:


    This product is not intended to be used a food supplement nor is it intended to prevent, treat or cure any type of disease. You should not exceed the recommended dose since you will not see additional benefits. Keep it out of reach of children. Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not use this product. It should be stored in a cool and dry place.

    Buy our CBD Pre-workout Cherry with confidence knowing that this product has been professionally formulated and tested. This product has been produced to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. Since there is no THC content in this product, you will NOT get high when using our CBD Pre-workout Cherry.

  • CBD + SPORT – CBD Whey Protein, 500g


    Recover and repair with CBD Whey Protein Vanilla:


    Helping you recover and promoting muscle gain, CBD Whey Protein Vanilla from CBD+SPORT delivers the ‘entourage effect’. This maximizes the therapeutic benefits of CBD when it interacts with your body. Whey protein works together with CBD to support recovery between workouts and activities. This helps you train harder thanks to increased stamina, giving you better results and achieving your fitness goals. CBD also helps prevent inflammation, helps you relax and soothes pain. On top of that, CBD promotes collagen production, a protein that’s essential for stronger muscles and connective tissues as well as firmer muscles and skin, the parts of your body that are key to successful performance at the gym, on the track or on the field.

    At the same time, whey protein helps with your daily protein intake to give you the fuel you need to stay active and train harder. It contains essential amino acids that are absorbed rapidly by your body. Protein helps build and repair your body’s tissue. It also helps with enzyme and hormone production. Proteins are vital building blocks for blood, skin, muscles, bones and cartilage. Like CBD, it also plays a role in improving the immune system functions. Even when you are in between everyday activities like work or running errands, you get the boost you need to keep going.

    Create a CBD-infused shake and get recovery support with CBD Whey Protein Vanilla from CBD+SPORT!


    Using our CBD Whey Protein Vanilla:


    Mix CBD Whey Protein Vanilla from CBD+SPORT with water, milk or any other drink to create a delicious and protein-rich shake when you’re on the go or on a break. Used as a dietary protein, this product is most effective when taken after working out and between meals. Each serving contains 15 mg of CBD. You should not exceed the recommended dose since it will not improve results.


    More about our CBD Whey Protein Vanilla:


    This product is not intended to be a food replacement and should not be used as one. It is also not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease. Store CBD Whey Protein Vanilla in a cool and dry place. The product should be kept out of reach of children. It is also not intended for use by anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Professionally formulated and tested, our CBD Whey Protein Vanilla is produced using the highest standards to ensure quality and safety. CBD is also extracted from natural hemp, meaning there is no THC content. As a result, you will NOT get high from using our product.

  • Meladol 30ml


    A powerful liposomal formula to encourage a longer, more restful night’s sleep

    Sleep plays an incredibly important role in successful human development. Both physical and psychological functioning are contingent on a healthy sleep cycle. While sleep has been extensively studied, human sleep cycles are influenced by many factors that cause it to be a continuous issue for many individuals. Chronic sleep deprivation can be a serious problem, causing extreme fatigue and memory loss in some cases.


    Understanding just how important a healthy sleep cycle is to human functioning, Cibdol has created a new CBD supplement – Meladol. Employing active ingredient CBD and the naturally occurring hormone melatonin, Meladol is an all-natural way to encourage a better night’s sleep.


    What is melatonin?

    Melatonin has a number of functions related to human health, especially in the realm of the sleep/wake cycle. Humans produce the hormone melatonin naturally in the pineal gland. The body’s circadian rhythm influences the sleep/wake cycle and determines the amount of melatonin the body makes. Naturally, melatonin levels usually elevate in late afternoon, subsiding by the morning. This allows for a healthy and habitual sleep schedule.


    However, the presence of blue light from electronic device screens interrupt melatonin biosynthesis, making it difficult to achieve a restful sleep. By taking supplemental forms of melatonin, you can influence longer and better sleep, despite blue light and other factors like stress. Meladol utilizes melatonin to shorten the sleep latency phase, allowing for a quicker onset of sleep.


    CBD and liposomes

    Meladol’s liposomal formula allows for the highest concentration of CBD to reach cells and tissues, producing more effective results. Liposomes are protective “bubbles” that carry active ingredients past membranes into areas that strongly benefit from them.


    CBD and stress

    A major cause of sleep deprivation for many individuals is stress-related nerve excitement. Life in the present day involves an untold number of internal and external stressors. These can make it difficult to reach a relaxed state of body and mind on demand.


    CBD has been shown to induce sedative effects which help to calm physical and psychological manifestations of stress. While CBD doesn’t always coax sleep on its own, it contributes to a more consistent, restful sleep experience and REM phase rhythm. A lack of sufficient sleep can weaken the body’s natural defences and cause inflammation. In these cases, CBD’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions help to nurture unhealthy sleep patterns.

    What is Meladol?

    Meladol is an oral supplement contained in convenient dropper bottle form. The product is a liposomal liquid, allowing for ease of use and maximum CBD and melatonin concentration for the consumer.

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